Seashells, Gator Bones and the Church of Everlasting Liability
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I want to thank you for coming to our Pot Luck and teasing us with 'Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability'. I read a few pages when I got home last night, can't wait to really get into the book... it was a fun evening.
~ Rosemarie Kafer, Pinellas Historical Society

The first time I heard Susan read an excerpt from her book I marveled at her ability to catch personality and environment on a single page. She has a marvelous talent.
~ Mary T. Dresser

This book made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me think; it made me remember.
~ C. Weitzenhoffer

With her authentic voice, she'd be perfect as the narrator.
~ Tootsie

A thoroughly entertaining read.
~ M. Schick, Author

Ms. Adger's stories come from a rich family history and are told as only one who has heard them from her own grandmother can tell. The characters in this book will enchant you, and bring you laughter. Treat yourself to a wonderful trip down memory lane and buy it today!
~ Sandra D.

This is a fun book - whether you read it in snippets or in one full gulp The book is cleverly constructed so characters narrate their own stories in separate chapters with dialog that is always sharp, amusing and often laugh-out-loud funny. Anyone who ever lived in a small town or imagined life in Mayberry will appreciate the honesty of the characters' stories and situations. Pure fun.
~ Lee, in Florida

Susan Adger's book quickly takes the reader to the little town of Toad Springs and engages you on every page! A wonderful read.
~ Lynne Faimalie

Brings me back to my childhood, sitting on the front porch, listening to Grandma and her sisters telling family stories about the years before I was born. I listened for hours as tales were told, never knowing which ones, or how much, was true. But, I listened intently because they believed the stories to be true. This book reminds me so much of those days. I can almost hear the crickets, feel the breeze and taste the sweet tea.
~ David C.

For me the sign of a good book is the feeling you get when you finish reading it. If you feel you have lost a good friend, it was a good book. And that's how I felt when I finished reading Seashells, Gator Bones and the Church Of Everlasting Liability. All in all, a wonderful book. Adger has a real talent for getting inside her character's heads. And you'll be simply delighted with the dangburn idioms that come out of these people's mouths. I laughed out loud at the unique way they had of expressing themselves.Now that I am finished reading it, I'm going to read it again, Just for the sheer pleasure of it.
~ Angelo Giambra

"Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability" is a medley of stories; vignettes of small town life in a bygone era with quirky and often interesting characters. The stories were often amusing and being intertwined revealed the harmony amongst the characters. Not very enthusiastic when it comes to reading short stories, "Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability" has quickly reformed me.
~ Wendy Catalano

This is an inspiring book that makes you want to write about your own family History, the Characters, have character, the stories are inviting, funny, and "real" time. The book takes you back to not only old south Tampa but old times both south and north of family history and the funny make up of each family, the funny, the strong, and the curious. I need to stop before I give all the secrets. A must read; you will laugh, you will cry and you will remember funny memories of your own past, and family
~ Tree

In Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability, Susan Adger tells stories about a place, time, people, animals, plants, and land in the town of Toad Springs, Florida in the 1930’s. I can sense the hard work of making these stories. Susan Adger is a storyteller who gave me the joy of feeling that the people are real, the buildings are real, the weather, the heat, the alligator bones – all real. I heard conversations and saw inside private rooms in her stories, but for me the people and environment of Toad Springs live on beyond the stories. Like a local boy who leaves town in search of more than the home town can give, I have left Toad Springs and I live far away, but the stories have left memories for me. I was there. I saw all manner of goings on. The great thing is that I feel like I am as real to the people of Toad Springs as they are to me.
~ Jonathan Knighton